One of our greatest goals at Stanford SWE is to promote engineering to K-12 students in our local community. Our Director of Outreach and our team of outreach officers work together to plan many awesome events on campus.

SWE Middle School Outreach

Our middle school outreach team hosts a variety of educational events both on campus and at local schools every year. This past winter, we hosted a physics-based event where participants learned about Newton’s Three Laws of motion, energy transfer, and conservation of momentum through building their very own Newton's Cradles!


OASES Mentorship Program

This 6-session, annual mentorship program supports local high school students in their explorations through STEM by providing 1-on-1 mentorship, engaging them in engineering projects, and connecting with other female and gender-marginalized engineers.

Mentor and mentee pairs meet once a month to work on an engineering project and learn about preparing for college. The mentor-mentee pairs work on projects involving a range of topics including: App Development, Physics, Robotics, Social Entrepreneurship, and more!


Girls Engineering the Future

SWE hosts an annual Zoom conference for high school students across the US, which focuses on empowering high school women in STEM. In this conference, students learn about the college application process, financial aid, and STEM opportunities. Participants have the opportunity to meet with Stanford students and learn about many different engineering fields!