Stanford SWE works to develop a sense of community and diversity among Stanford engineers.

SWE puts on many fun and engaging events throughout the course of the year such as Faculty Lunches, SWE Mentorship with upperclassmen, Workshops, Study Nights, Banquets + Dinners, and Conferences.

Faculty Lunches

In the fall and spring, SWE works with School of Engineering faculty to host faculty lunches that bring in eminent professors from across the SoE to speak to members about choosing a major and the most pressing topics in their fields. These lunches are especially geared towards underclassmen who are trying to discern the right major for them.


SWE Mentors

We are very focused on building a strong community of mentorship at SWE. SWE Mentorship program helps to pair upperclassmen and underclassmen into “families” based on common interests and majors. The Internal team hosts social events throughout the year for families to bond.


Workshops + Study Nights

For our workshop series, we bring in upperclassmen to teach undergraduates about various topics including public speaking, developing a strong resume, four year plans, research, choosing majors, and grad school. We also host one study night per quarter around Dead Week to help members prepare for their final exams. We provide snacks and tutors for extra support!